Many people in the San Jose area wonder what exactly San Jose property management does. We have many roles, but the most important thing that property managers do is to help landlords stay within the tenant laws. There are new regulations to learn every year, and unless you are in this business, you might not even know about them or be aware of what you have to know. It is important to know that California is probably the most tenant friendly state in the country, if not in the world. It is a great place to be a tenant, but if you are a landlord, you need to be careful. As property managers, we make sure you are protected from liability issues that might arise due to the tenant friendly laws.

Finding good quality tenants is a large part of our job as well. As a landlord, your relationship with your tenant is important, and you need to be able to communicate easily and openly. If you have a problem tenant, that communication is going to be difficult. We are very good at qualifying tenants and making sure we are finding the best renters for your property. At Real Estate Connections, our eviction rate is less than 1 percent in the last 40 years. This tells you we know how to find good tenants who stay in properties for a long time and pay their rent reliably.

Keeping accounting records is another part of a property manager’s job. We can manage the payment of your mortgage on the property, as well as taxes, insurance and any HOA fees that you are responsible for. We make the process easy for you by tracking it in our property management software. This is helpful for tracking your taxes every year when you file, and making sure you are claiming the right deductions and exemptions.

We also maintain your property. If you do not spend enough time inspecting the property, taking a look at it and making sure it is being maintained well, you might have a lot of deferred maintenance issues to catch up with when a tenant moves out. Property managers can respond to minor issues as well as schedule major repairs. We help you protect your investment.

Finally, some property managers help out with buying and selling income property. At Real Estate Connections, we manage property for landlords and we also help our customers find good investment properties when they are ready to buy.

If you have any questions about the role of a property manager, or what you can expect from our services when you work with us, please send us an email or give us a call in Los Gatos to talk about it. We can be reached at (408) 873-2100, and we look forward to talking with you.