Cupertino Property Management Services

Real Estate Connections has served property owners and investors in Cupertino since 1952. We provide residential property management expertise that you won’t find anywhere else in Silicon Valley. We help property owners like you with leasing, management, and sales.

For over 60 years, Real Estate Connections has successfully managed privately owned single family homes, townhomes, condos, and apartment complexes throughout Cupertino and the surrounding areas. We are reliable, professional leaders who understand this market and what you need to do to succeed as a real estate investor.

We want to talk about your Cupertino investment property. We have some ideas about how we can lease it to better tenants, maximize the amount of rent you earn, and protect its condition so your asset increases in value.

Owner Services

Let’s discuss your Palo Alto investment property. If you have specific questions or problems that need solving, we can come up with some creative solutions that will make the management of your home seamless. Our goal at REC is to increase your ROI and protect the condition of your investment.

24/7 Emergency Line

Tenants can rest assured that they can call us for emergency maintenance concerns.

Listing and Marketing

We will take photos of your property and market it on all the major online sites

Qualify Screening & Placement

Credit, income verification, landlord verification and eviction background screening


Lease Preparation

We'll prepare a strong lease that will protect you as a landlord


Financial Reporting

A year-end statement showing all the income and expenses along with a 1099 will be prepared and sent to you every January.

Eviction Coordination

Should there be a need to evict a tenant, we'll coordinate with our attorney to ensure legal compliance.

Leasing Your Home for Maximum Rents

We have decades of experience leasing properties. We know that the goal is to reduce your vacancy time and ensure we place an outstanding tenant who will pay rent on time, take care of your home, and follow the terms of your lease.

Do you have a rental property near Monta Vista, Rancho Rinconada, Fairgrove, De Anza, or the surrounding neighborhoods?

We can make a positive difference in the leasing process.

  • Pricing your rental property to limit vacancies and attract qualified tenants.

  • Property inspections to prepare your home for the Cupertino rental market.

  • Online advertising of rental properties to maximize reach.

  • Property showings and application processing.

  • Tenant screening that’s fair, consistent, and thorough.

  • Lease agreements that protect your property and limit your liability.

After we successfully lease your property, we hope you’ll take advantage of our full service property management plan. If you can take it from here, we’ll turn the tenant, the lease agreement, and all the documentation over to you.

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Comprehensive Services to Manage Your Investment

You’re busy with your own career, your family obligations, and pursuing the passions that make life interesting. You don’t want to be pinned down by your rental property.

That’s why we’re here. When Real Estate Connections is managing your property, you won’t have to worry about whether the tenant is taking care of it or rent is going to show up on time. We manage your home expertly and efficiently, and we exceed your expectations.

Our team has developed a series of systems and processes that ensure your property is performing as it should. We’ll make sure your property is well-maintained, and we’ll enforce your lease agreement.

Peace of mind is important. We take care of your property with:

  • Regular property inspections before, during, and after the tenancy.

  • Emergency and preventative maintenance.

  • Tenant relationships and dispute management.

  • Monthly accounting statements.

  • Proactive communication.

At Real Estate Connections, we are the leaders in Cupertino property management. When you work with us, you’ll understand why.

Areas We Serve

Since 1952, REC has served property owners and investors by providing expertise in the areas of residential property management, property leasing, and real estate sales.

For over 60 years, REC has managed privately owned single family homes, townhomes, condos and apartment complexes throughout Silicon Valley, which covers:

Location map of areas served by REC Rentals

Happy Customer

Very large quotation mark

I am so grateful to Diane and Monica. I had such a great experience working with them. It is a competitive market right now. These two were so fab to work with. I am recommending them to all of my real estate agent friends in addition to my friends who need a place to rent or help managing a property. They are on top of things and super professional and easy to work with. Thanks ladies!

– Sighers

Cupertino Property Management: Who Needs Our Service?

If you’re a homeowner who has a property that you can’t sell or don’t want to sell, leave your asset in the expert, capable hands of Real Estate Connections. We work with a lot of homeowners who have relocated out of the area, with plans to return some day. We can rent out your home while you’re gone, and have it ready for you when you return.

If you’re an investor, you can save time and money working with Real Estate Connections. Whether you are starting off with one investment property or you have an entire portfolio, we can increase your ROI and protect your asset. If you’re in the early stages of deciding what you want to buy – talk to us. We can tell you about the local real estate market and the rental rates you can expect. We’ll help your properties earn more, and we’ll protect every dollar you have invested in your rental homes.

Cupertino Property Management: Find us in your Community!

We manage properties all over Cupertino, which covers the zip codes 94014 and 94015.

If you have a rental property in one of these areas or some of the surrounding neighborhoods, contact us to find out how we can work for you.

RentRange Rental Property Analysis Example Report

Free Rental Analysis

With RentFax, we can help you properly price your rental property. Incorrect pricing is one of the reasons that properties stay on the market longer than necessary. A vacant property isn’t making you any money, so let’s get it right. With this report, we’ll use your address and details about your home to compare what you offer to other properties already on the market. This will give you a high and low range, and we’ll talk about the best way to position your home competitively in the rental market.

Contact Us at (408) 873-2100 or click the button below to get a rental analysis report.

Choose The Best Price For You

Leasing Only Service Bronze Silver Gold
85% of 1 Month's Rent
7% of Montly Rent
8% of Monthly Rent
10% of Monthly Rent
Dedicated Property Manager
Dedicated Property Manager
Listing and Marketing
Listing and Marketing
Lease Preparation
Lease Preparation
Qualify Screening & Placement
Qualify Screening & Placement
24/7 Emergency Line
24/7 Emergency Line N/A
Accounting N/A
ACH Owner Distributions
ACH Owner Distributions N/A
Financial Reporting
Financial Reporting N/A
Handling Security Deposits
Handling Security Deposits N/A
Monthly Owner Statements
Monthly Owner Statements N/A
Move-Out Inspections
Move-Out Inspections N/A
Rent Collection
Rent Collection N/A
Serving Notices
Serving Notices N/A
Tenant Correspondence
Tenant Correspondence N/A
Year-End Tax Statements
Year-End Tax Statements N/A
Owner portals
Owner portals N/A
Move-In Inspections
Move-In Inspections $150/Opt
Eviction Coordination
Eviction Coordination N/A $150 $100
Annual Admin Fee
Annual Admin Fee N/A $200
Onboarding Fee
Onboarding Fee N/A $200
FTB compliance fees
FTB compliance fees N/A $150 $50
City Inspection
City Inspection $150 $150 $75
Lease Renewal
Lease Renewal $500 $300
New Property with exising tenant
New Property with exising tenant N/A $250
Close Out Fee
Close Out Fee N/A $300 initial, $50/add. $100
Owner Requested Inspection
Owner Requested Inspection $200 $150 $50
Maintenance & Improvements Coordination
Maintenance & Improvements Coordination 10% 10% 10% 10%
Leasing Fee
Leasing Fee Exclusive, 85% of one month's rent $1200 $1000 $800
Lease Fee Guarantee
Lease Fee Guarantee N/A $500 $300

What People Are Saying About Us?

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5 star
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Jul 28, 2023
- Lynn - Real Estate Connections
Angelly Suarez was very helpful and answered every question I had and was very professional. A pleasure to talk to.
Oct 19, 2022
- Kimberly - Real Estate Connections
It took a bit to cycle through the phone situation however this was taken care of over the weekend after hours almost immediatley.
Aug 21, 2022
- Heather - Real Estate Connections
We’ve had a good experience renting from Real Estate Connections. The house is very nice, including the HVAC system that filters the air. If we ever have a maintenance request, it’s resolved in a timely manner.
Jul 19, 2022
- Jennifer - Real Estate Connections
The response time for my recent maintenance needs has been very quick and the vendors are always so friendly, quick and resolve the issues. Thank you!
Apr 23, 2022
- Josue - Real Estate Connections
Thanks for make. Great job.

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