Getting the most rent out of your San Jose rental requires two things: a good rental price and a highly qualified tenant who will stay in the property long term.

It’s important to present the property the best way you can. Not everyone can have a perfect, beautiful remodeled rental, and that’s okay. You can update the property in ways that don’t cost much and still make it look appealing.

Your goal is to create a great first impression. Here are a few easy things you can do:

  • Put in new carpet, and if it’s newer carpet you have in the property, make sure it’s not stained or torn. It has to be presentable.
  • Invest in new paint. A lot of rental property owners like to touch up between tenants, but it won’t look as good. Spend a few extra dollars for completely new clean paint, and you’ll see a big difference.
  • Change out light fixtures to help the property look more modern. You can do the same thing with sink fixtures; these are cheaper updates that really improve the look of your house.
  • Avoid deferred maintenance and eyesores. Take care of things that need to be fixed, cleaned and replaced.

The nicer your property looks, better tenant you’ll attract. With a few basic updates, you’ll be able to find a longer term tenant and charge higher rent. Do all of these things and continue to improve your property. Remember also that if you have a clean, attractive property, the tenant will put in more of an effort to take care of it. They’ll know you care about it, and they’ll follow your lead.

How to Get the Most Rent Out of My San Jose RentalIf you have any questions about getting the most rent out of your property, please contact us at Real Estate Connections, and we’ll share some other ideas with you.