How to Maintain Your San Jose Investment Property Over Time

Maintaining your San Jose rental property over time will increase your asset’s value and provide for better tenant retention. Residents are your customers, and the number one reason that most tenants leave their rental home is because their maintenance concerns were not responded to in a timely manner. That’s a terrible way to lose a tenant.

You also want your investment to grow in value. Deferred maintenance only harms the value of your investment and costs you money in the long term. At Real Estate Connections, we believe preventative maintenance will help you have a better investment experience.

Pay Attention to Plumbing

Water damage is expensive for San Jose rental homes, and it’s never fun to fix. Small leaks might not seem like a big deal, and it’s easy to put them off. But, over time they can turn into larger leaks that damage floors and walls and eventually lead to rot and mold.

Avoiding leaks is important. When you’re inspecting the property or checking it before and after tenants move in and out, look under sinks. Check the floors around toilets and tubs to be sure there isn’t any softening. Look for drooping or discolored ceilings and walls.

If you notice any sign of a water leak, call your plumber immediately.

Other preventative measures concerning water include cleaning out your gutters at least annually. You don’t want leaves and debris to get caught there, driving water towards your home. Flush out irrigation systems and sprinklers.

Heating and Cooling Systems Need Attention

One of the most expensive systems in your rental property is the heating and cooling system. San Jose rental properties will require both heat and air conditioning throughout the year. Residents will switch from one service to the other as seasons change. Annual and seasonal inspections will help you prevent expensive repairs.

Have a licensed technician inspect your system and make sure it’s working properly. This attention once or twice a year will also extend the life of your furnace and your air conditioning unit. The heating and cooling of your property will be more efficient. Your tenants will appreciate it too, as it will improve their air quality inside the home and keep their energy costs down.

Put Together a Preferred Vendor List

Put Together a Preferred Vendor ListOne of the best reasons to work with a San Jose property management company is the vendor relationships that come with the partnership. Property managers have their own in-house maintenance teams or they have access to the best vendors and contractors in the area. These are licensed and insured professionals who stand behind their work. The long term care and maintenance of your investment property will require a great network of vendors.

Well-maintained rental properties rent for more money and to better tenants. They also appreciate faster and provide you with a stronger investment portfolio. If you have any questions about how to effectively maintain your San Jose rental property, please contact us at Real Estate Connections.