Mountain View and Los Altos Property Management Services

Real Estate Connections brings together property owners and tenants, investors and homes, experts and questions. We have been managing properties and leasing out homes in Mountain View and Los Altos since 1952.

More important than the work we do are the relationships we create.

Maybe you need help managing and maintaining a single family home. Perhaps you need a high quality tenant for your condo or townhouse. Maybe you’ve been self-managing your rental property, and the late night repair requests have become too cumbersome. Or, you might be in the market for an investment property and you want some advice before you buy.

We can help.

Owner Services

24/7 Emergency Line

Tenants can rest assured that they can call us for emergency maintenance concerns.

Listing and Marketing

We will take photos of your property and market it on all the major online sites

Qualify Screening & Placement

Credit, income verification, landlord verification and eviction background screening


Lease Preparation

We'll prepare a strong lease that will protect you as a landlord


Financial Reporting

A year-end statement showing all the income and expenses along with a 1099 will be prepared and sent to you every January.

Eviction Coordination

Should there be a need to evict a tenant, we'll coordinate with our attorney to ensure legal compliance.

Leasing Your Home with a Professional Mountain View and Los Altos Property Management Company

Real Estate Connections offers leasing services that help you prepare your property for the rental market and find a tenant quickly. We develop strategic marketing plans, advertise your home, screen applicants, and ultimately place a highly qualified tenant. Then, we develop a lease agreement that complies with all state, federal, and local laws.

Do you have a rental property near Downtown Mountain View, Shoreline, North Los Altos, or the surrounding neighborhoods?

We are here to improve the leasing process and make the placement of great tenants a priority.

Our leasing process:

  • Accurate rental property pricing.

  • Lower vacancy rates.

  • Property inspections.

  • Marketing and advertising.

  • Property showings and applications.

  • Tenant screening.

  • Lease agreements.

Once we place an outstanding tenant, we invite you to take advantage of our ongoing property management services. But, if you prefer a lease-only plan, we’ll turnover all the paperwork and documentation, and wish you a successful rental experience.

Areas We Serve in Santa Clara County

Since 1952, REC has served property owners and investors by providing expertise in the areas of residential property management, property leasing, and real estate sales.

For over 60 years, REC has managed privately owned single family homes, townhomes, condos and apartment complexes throughout Silicon Valley, which covers:


Happy Customer

Real Estate connection was very professional and helpful. We had a good experience.

– Kishore

Los Altos Property Management: Full Service Management

Our monthly management services allow us to take a full service approach to caring for your rental property. You don’t have to spend your own time responding to maintenance calls or making sure your tenant is taking care of your property.

Peace of mind is important. We provide you with that reassurance through systems and processes that we’ve developed to efficiently manage your home. We conduct regular inspections, we’re available 24 hours a day for emergency maintenance issues, and we’ll immediately handle any concerns that your tenants report.

  • Property inspections before, during, and after a lease.

  • Maintenance response 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

  • Tenant relationships that increase retention and support communication.

  • Monthly statements that keep you informed and aware of how your home is performing.

At Real Estate Connections, we believe in providing the best Mountain View and Los Altos property management to owners who care about their homes and want to make the most from their investment. We work with owners and tenants to ensure everyone’s needs are being met.

With us, your investment home is in good hands.

Mountain View Property Management: Should You Work with Us?

We work with different types of investors at all levels of their real estate careers. Whether you’re a homeowner who is moving out of the area or an investor who is building a portfolio, we can work together to make sure your home is well-maintained, and earning the highest possible rent.

Homeowners who cannot sell or don’t want to sell benefit from the leasing and management services provided by Real Estate Connections. If you are relocating or even moving to a different home in the Mountain View area and you want to rent out your current property, we’ll make it a profitable investment for you.

Investors have a lot to gain from working with Real Estate Connections as well. We can help you identify smart investment opportunities, help you understand what kind of rent you’ll earn on a property, find a great tenant, and manage the ongoing operations of your rental property.

We specialize in helping owners and investors manage their properties better. We also take our responsibility to tenants seriously. We provide safe, pleasant homes in the best Mountain View and Los Altos neighborhoods.

Property Management in Mountain View and Los Altos

We manage properties all over Mountain View and Los Altos, which cover zip codes 94022 to 94024, and 94039 to 94043.

If you have a rental property in one of these areas or some of the surrounding neighborhoods, contact us to find out how we can work for you.

Free Rental Analysis

With RentFax, we can help you properly price your rental property. Incorrect pricing is one of the reasons that properties stay on the market longer than necessary. A vacant property isn’t making you any money, so let’s get it right. With this report, we’ll use your address and details about your home to compare what you offer to other properties already on the market. This will give you a high and low range, and we’ll talk about the best way to position your home competitively in the rental market.

Contact Us at (408) 873-2100 or click the button below to get a rental analysis report.

Choose The Best Price For You

Leasing Only Service Full Service Management Gold Standard
80% of 1 Month's rent
7% of Monthly Rent
8% of Monthly Rent
Dedicated Property Manager
Dedicated Property Manager
  Listing and Marketing
Listing and Marketing
  Lease Preparation
Lease Preparation
  Qualifiy Screening & Placement
Qualifiy Screening & Placement
  24/7 Emergency Line
24/7 Emergency Line not avaliable
Accounting not avaliable
  ACH Owner Distributions
ACH Owner Distributions not avaliable
  Financial Reporting
Financial Reporting not avaliable
  Handling Security Deposits
Handling Security Deposits not avaliable
  Monthly Owner Statements
Monthly Owner Statements not avaliable
  Move-Out Inspections
Move-Out Inspections not avaliable
  Rent Collection
Rent Collection not avaliable
  Serving Notices
Serving Notices not avaliable
  Tenant Correspondence
Tenant Correspondence not avaliable
  Year-End Tax Statements
Year-End Tax Statements not avaliable
  Owner and Tenant portals
Owner and Tenant portals not avaliable
  Move-In Inspections
Move-In Inspections $150/optional
  Eviction Coordination
Eviction Coordination not avaliable $150/hour
  Annual Admin Fee
Annual Admin Fee not avaliable $100
  FTB compliance fees
FTB compliance fees not avaliable $150 $50
  City Inspection
City Inspection $150 $150 $75
  Lease Renewal
Lease Renewal $500 $300 $150
  New Property with exising tenant
New Property with exising tenant not avaliable $250 $100
  Owner Requested Inspection
Owner Requested Inspection $200 $150 $50
  Close Out Fee
Close Out Fee not avaliable $300 initial, $50 per additional $100
  Maintenance & Improvements Coordination
Maintenance & Improvements Coordination 10% 10% 10%
  Leasing Fee
Leasing Fee 80% of 1 months rent $1,500 $1,200
  Professional Photography
Professional Photography $600 $600 $600
  Lease Fee Guarantee
Lease Fee Guarantee 25% of one month's rent $300

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