Getting your property rent ready is absolutely essential for San Jose property management before you put it on the market. First impressions are important, so it needs to look good before you show it to any potential tenants. At Real Estate Connections in Santa Clara County, we say there are three maintenance things to pay attention to as you are getting your property ready. Those are:

1. Paint
2. Carpet
3. Cleaning

Touch up wherever you can on the painting and the carpet as long as it looks neat and fresh. If you can touch up the paint here and there, great, but if there is any question about whether the place needs to be painted, just go ahead and paint the whole house. If you had the carpets cleaned and there is still a stain or two that is visible on them, just replace the carpet. Your potential renters will notice these things when they come through your house during a showing.

First impressions are the most important element to finding tenants for your home. When someone is looking at your property, they want to see a clean and updated home. You do not have to remodel your entire property before putting it on the market. While that would be nice, there are simple and cheap upgrades and updates you can make in order to get it rent ready. For example, light fixtures and sink fixtures are easy and inexpensive, and those details can give the impression to tenants that you really are taking good care of the property.

The most common thing I see in the residential property management business is people putting their property on the market before it is really rent ready. If it is not clean and not presentable, a tenant is probably going to pass. If a potential tenant asks you when the place will be ready for move in and you say it’s ready now even though it clearly isn’t, you are going to lose a lot of potentially good tenants. It has to look clean and ready before you even think about putting it on the market.

I have said it several times, and I believe it: first impressions are important. How your property looks when a tenant walks into it will determine whether or not you find people willing to rent it. If you have any questions on getting your place ready to rent, contact us through our website, or give us a call at Real Estate Connections, (408) 873-2100. We would be happy to help you.