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If you’re looking for some basic property management answers, be sure to check out our Los Gatos Property Management Blog, where Real Estate Connections answers popular questions posed by Santa Clara County real estate investors and landlords. You’ll find information on pet policies, tenant screening, security deposits, how to avoid evictions and much more. We share our expertise and our advice on our blog. Follow along to get your most common questions answered. Learn from our experience and avoid costly mistakes.

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When you’re ready to read some blogs and watch some videos, you’ll find information on topics such as:

  • Getting the most from your rental property
  • Finding and keeping great tenants
  • Understanding property management fees
  • How to manage maintenance
  • Pet policies and the difference between service and support animals

The list of topics is extensive, and you’ll find you have a lot to learn – whether you’re a new landlord or an experienced investor.

Featured Blogs

Why is My San Jose Property Not Renting?

Quickly renting out your investment property is essential to moving your cash flow and increasing your ROI. If you’re having trouble finding a tenant who is interested in your home, it may be due to one of three reasons.

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Should You Rent Your San Jose Property?

Are you trying to decide whether you should sell your property or rent it out?We work with a lot of owners who are thinking about relocating out of the San Jose area, and they aren’t sure what they should do with their homes. There are a few things to consider before you come to a final decision.

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How to Choose a San Jose Property Management Firm

Today we’re talking about the things to look for when you’re searching for a property management firm in San Jose. This is a fast and growing industry so there are a lot of companies out there. These three considerations are a great place to start your search....

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Happy Customer

Real Estate Connections has managed my property for two and half years. I am very satisfied with their service. From looking for the tenant , managing the repairs, to the monthly detailed statements, they managed everything so well that I didn’t worry at all. Nicole who was my property manager always responded quickly, negotiated rent increase and looked after everything for me. In fact, Nicole managed my property so well that I didn’t go to see my property once. I will definitely recommend REC to my friends.


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Mar 25, 2019
Real Estate Connections Hongsik
Mar 14, 2019
Real Estate Connections Jim
Mart did great
Mar 14, 2019
Real Estate Connections Ruben
Great customer service
Feb 21, 2019
Real Estate Connections Gilda
The plumber arrived promptly. Unfortunately he was not able to locate the main water cut of vale to replace the facet. But he was able to do what was requested which was to fix the leak. He was friendly and timely
Feb 15, 2019
Real Estate Connections Sherry
Work was done and looks good but kitchen faucet not sealed to the sink it moves and may leak where seal should be.

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