At Real Estate Connections, we have been in the business of managing properties for decades. Our experience has provided us with a number of unique stories; some of them success stories and some of them tales of how we creatively solved problems. If you’re thinking about hiring us to manage your investment home, we’ll tell you all about the good work we can do on your behalf.

We also like for you to hear directly from the people who manage properties like yours. It allows you to understand how difficult situations are handled, and it also helps you feel more at ease with our talented team of management professionals.

Today we’re sharing another post in our Stories from the Field series, and we hope you enjoy it. Laurelle’s story will help you understand what it’s like to work with us, and show you some of the situations we encounter while professionally managing homes.

Laurelle, a Ladder, and the Police

Hi, my name is Laurelle and I work with Real Estate Connections.

I can think of a lot of property management stories to share with you today, but one of the stories that sticks in my head is the one that resulted in a call to the police. Don’t worry – no one was hurt.

One day, I received a phone call from a neighbor in one of the multi-family buildings that we managed. The caller told me that he was worried about something that was going on next door. He said there was a ladder resting against the building, and one of the windows was wide open.

This certainly sounded strange, and the unit he was calling about was vacant at the time, so I immediately went over to the property to check it out. When I got there, I realized that he was right; I could see the ladder and the open window. I could also see what looked like a bucket and some cleaning rags.

I let myself into the property and realized that someone had broken in through the window. It was a strange sight; there were buckets and brooms and rags throughout the property. I was nervous that someone might still be inside, so I carefully walked from room to room, checking showers and closets and cupboards. Once I was relieved to find that no one was actually there, I called the police and made some careful notes because there was some damage inside the property.

Inspections and Relationships are Important

Inspections and Relationships are ImportantThis story is an important one because landlords need to know that their homes are in good hands when they partner with our team. Even when properties are vacant, we are always on top of any situation that might need attention. We also have excellent relationships with our tenants, which is why the neighbor in this story felt comfortable reaching out to us.

The bottom line? If you’re looking for great San Jose property management and someone to call the police during a break-ins, we’re you’re team.

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